Arturi Films welcomes enquiries from investors who are interested in participating in the core company’s expansion plans, it’s feature film productions, it’s education and training workshops and the Screenwriters’ Festival.

Arturi Films is a commercially driven company that aims to return profit to its investors through dividends and through it’s rights owning library of films.

Arturi Films is a qualifying EIS and so you may be entitled to claim tax relief on your investment in the company depending upon your personal liability. Tax Relief is not guaranteed.

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David Pearson

Writer and Director David Pearson on Directors UK Inspire scheme 2018 for The Lock Inn. Rebooting after  pre-production with FoR Films disrupted by Covid. David is currently completing Last Kings Of Soho for Storyspring.


Producer, Elizabeth M Hemlock launched new feature project, Counter Measures in 2017. In development along with other projects 2024.